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Wireless Security Camera

Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera 1080P Enklov Home Video Surveillance 

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Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera

Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera, that is Security video cameras, are required for every single home to secure your houses and loved ones from any thefts or attacks. This 1080P Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera is a must have item for monitoring your house when you are away.

1080P Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera Features

1. This security video camera has the capability to Remote Pan which permits the camera to tilt almost 360 degrees with a broad seeing lens.

2. The videos are taped at HD 30fps@1080P (1920 * 1080) which is exceptionally high resolution. This video camera can likewise record Movement Detection and has a picture alert notice.

3. This wireless security camera has an integrated speaker and microphone for real-time hands-free; a Two-Way audio where 2 individuals can talk and pay attention to each other quickly; so, you can interact prior to you open your door to any person.

4. There is a really clear Night Vision which reaches 15 meters (49ft).

5. This electronic security camera can be utilized indoor linked to the Wi-Fi; and it can be charged by a power adapter so that you never ever lack batteries. With a QR code to scan, the video camera will just take a couple of minutes to set up.

6. There is likewise a plug to enable ethernet connection if you do not wish to utilize the Wi-Fi connection.

7. This electronic security camera includes an Integrated SD card slot which will enable you to tape video and play it back even if there is a web connection disturbance.

8. This is a 2.4 ghz network supported security camera.

 Specifications of this Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera

  • The videos have a H. 264 format with Genuine Plug and Play setup
  • There is a Remote Stunning Pan and a Tilt control with 360 degree x 100 vertical rotation variety x 90 wide-angle which will cover every corner of your house
  • The SD card slot records straight to your SD card approximately 64GB
  • Night vision can reach nearly 50 feet Several networks are offered: 4G, WiFi, Ethernet

 Why this Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera?

Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera 1080P Enklov

Thіѕ wіrеlеѕѕ ѕесurіtу саmеrа is mаdе fоr modern іndіvіduаlѕ. Thе Wі-Fі еnаblеd cameras hаvе mаdе іt easier than еvеr tо ѕеt up a smart hоmе.

  • It’s easier than ever to set up a smart home with these Wi-Fi enabled cameras. This security camera isn’t only for Home Security, it can also be used for monitoring the nanny with your child, your Pet at home, or checking up on an elderly person’s safety.
  • This security camera can even be used for business security. You can use a computer (PC) (MA COS, Windows, Linux, and so on…), tablet, or smartphone to monitor this camera. At such an affordable price, this unique product is definitely needed for every home.
  •  A 1-Year Warranty and Lifetime support is provided by GAZE SECURITY.

Final Decision

If you require consistent security of your enjoyed ones like your family pets, any senior family members, or your kids, this item is ideal for you. It can be utilized for your house or for your company. You can live without tension when you can right away see your house and enjoyed ones from your mobile phone or tablet.



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